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Handmade Cushions

Our handmade, bespoke cushion ranges, including the popular 'Mr. Fox' cushion as seen on Autumnwatch, the Coast and Countryside ranges, and the 'Cwtch' and 'Cariad' cushions form the Welsh Collection.

Countryside Cushion Collection

Inspired by the hidden lives of the animals here in Pembrokeshire.


Coastal Cushion Collection

A view of Pembrokeshire coastal birds, from Emma's sewing room.


Twilight Cushion Collection

 Childhood memories from the Marlborough Downs, Wiltshire.


Dog Cushion Collection

Man's best friend indeed! This canine collection is dedicated to our four-legged friends of all breeds.

Welsh Cushion Collection

Cwtch up with these traditional cushions inspired by the Welsh language and heritage. 

Blue Coastal Cushion Collection

A perfect way to bring the seaside home with you, fresh and vibrant in light blue cottons and linens.

Seasonal Cushions

A perfect way to give a christmassy feel to your living area, or perfect as a seasonal gift.


Bespoke Cushion Collection

A perfect way to bring the bespoke into your home, be it a birth, wedding, Mothers or Fathers Day or even Halloween.